Improving Social Responsibility and Developing Green and Environmental Economy SALOV Company Released the First Enterprise’s Sustainable Development Report in the Industry

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SALOV Company, a subsidiary of Bright Food International, officially released the 2020 sustainable development report at the Filippo Berio Manor in Tuscany. This is the first sustainable development report of SALOV Company in Italy and the first sustainable development report of Italian olive oil industry. Under the strong support of Bright Food International, SALOV Company is committed to making sustainable contributions to the environment, society and economy at the technology and management innovation levels.


Under the background of increasingly severe global environmental problems, the sustainable development model is urgently in need of popularization. SALOV Company fully assumes the social responsibility of the leading enterprises in the industry, and puts forward the sustainable development model of the whole industry chain value for the first time in the industry. Through its own influence, competitiveness and action in the industry, it actively expounds the industrial development and explores the olive oil industry towards sustainable development.


Through the sustainable development report, SALOV Company comprehensively expounds the multi-level and multi-angle changes made by centering green economy, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental friendliness and industrial upgrading, through production innovation, industry-research cooperation, supply chain optimization and talent management, based on the methodology of the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Organization (SDGs). (Yan Zhao)



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