Xu Ziying, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Bright Food Group, Conducted an Investigation in Bright Food International

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On the afternoon of November 12, Xu Ziying, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and President of Bright Food Group, Yu Liping, member of the Party committee and Vice President, etc., come to Bright Food International for investigation.


Xu Ziying highly affirmed the achievements that Bright Food International made in recent years. She pointed out that the staffs of Bright Food International are determined to forge ahead and maintain a good spirit at all levels, showing the international and professional quality, and hoped them to make persistent efforts for further contributions to the development of the Group’s “14th Five-year Plan”.


Xu Ziying required: firstly, we should go all out to promote the implementation of special tasks in place, reduce the impact of industry cycle fluctuations, further improve the performance of agriculture and animal husbandry, and make it an important link in the strong chain of high protein industry; we should further study the strategic positioning of relevant overseas enterprises to ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets.


Secondly, we should strengthen basic management and further improve the main business, explore the innovation of modern enterprise management in a deeper level, and learn the world-class management process, business model, brand building, etc. to achieve qualitative improvement.


Thirdly, we should unswervingly promote the high-quality development of high-protein industry, strengthen, supplement and expand the chain, build the core competitiveness, and take the high-quality development of enterprises and a healthy and better life for the people as the fundamental mission of enterprise operation.


Fourthly, we should pay attention to the cultivation and reserve of specialized talents, always regard the cultivation of young cadres as the most important strategy of Bright, and fully transform the value of talents into valuable wealth of Bright’s cause.


Yu Liping put forward requirements for overseas risk prevention and control, organization and construction of professional talents, high protein strategy promotion, and enterprise management.


Wu Tonghong, Secretary of the Party committee and Chairman of Bright Food International, introduced the history of Bright Food International, the “14 Five-Year Plan”, and the promotion of key tasks to the participating leaders.



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