Bright Food International “Bright Meat Industry” Appeared in the 16th China (Shanghai) International Meat Industry Exhibition

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The 16th China (Shanghai) International Meat Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "Meat Exhibition") sponsored by Shanghai Meat Trade Association was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from November 9 to 11, 2021. 10 domestic and overseas high-protein meat enterprises subordinate to Bright Food International have first participated in the exhibition in the name of "Bright Meat Industry" in groups. This is also the first public appearance of the whole industrial chain of Bright high-protein meat since Bright Food Group released the development strategy focusing on the "two engines" of core main business.


On the morning of November 9, Bright Food International booth held a special publicity activity. Yang Zhonghua, Vice President of Shanghai Meat Trade Association, Xu Yong, Secretary General, Wu Tonghong, Secretary of the Party committee and Chairman of Bright Food International, Wang Guoxiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and President, Vice President Wang Changlin, Vice President Yang Tingfeng and other leaders attended the exhibition. At the meeting, Hong Kong Nanhua International Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Winnerfield Trading Co., Ltd. and Brazil Minerva Food Co., Ltd. signed the 2022 tripartite strategic cooperation framework agreement of beef supply guarantee.


As the industry carrier for the development of high-protein meat sector of Bright Food Group, Bright Food International undertakes the mission of meat industry development, and earnestly implements the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government on the national strategy of "integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta". It is committed to helping the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta deepen by upgrading the high-protein meat industry, and serving consumers' growing demand for a better life with high-quality meat products.


In order to promote the coordinated development of high protein industry, Bright Food International will further strengthen the collaboration and cooperation with all links of the meat industry chain, and continuously improve the technological empowerment of the meat industry. It will be committed to continuously improving the quality and safety of meat, providing consumers with safer, healthier and higher-quality high-protein products, further enhancing the international competitiveness and industrial status of China's meat industry, and striving for new value to the new pattern of "double circulation". (Li Jinze)



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