Bright International Held Economic Operation Analysis Meeting for the Third Quarter of 2021

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On November 3, Bright Food International held the economic operation analysis meeting for the third quarter of 2021. Party and government members of Bright Food International, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Director of the Company, Directors and Deputies of various departments and offices (centers), Party and government leaders and financial leaders of secondary companies and key enterprises attended the meeting.


Wu Tonghong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Company, chairs the meeting and delivered a speech. Wang Guoxiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee and President, deployed key tasks in the fourth quarter. Zhao Jianfu, Chief Financial Officer, made a financial analysis report for the third quarter.


Wu Tonghong conveyed the spirit of Bright Food Group's economic operation analysis meeting for the third quarter, and encouraged cadres and workers to work hard to improve "six skills (learning, innovation, standardization, organization, implementation, and risk control)", strengthen "six abilities (abilities of politics, research, decision making, difficulties tackling, emergency response, and high-quality development)", and effectively transform such skills and abilities into practical work ability.


He pointed out that the key to integrating the six skills and abilities is implementation. First, we should speed up the construction of high-protein industrial chain, further strengthen and supplement the chain, improve performance, slow down the impact of market fluctuations, and support related enterprises to exert greater value in the industrial chain. Second, we should devote ourselves to improving the management level of enterprises, build a multi-dimensional compliance operation system through "system + technology", and integrate management awareness into enterprise operation through digital transformation of enterprise information system. Third, we should actively explore new development models, and further optimize industrial competitiveness and profitability through the transformation and upgrading of business models.


Wu Tonghong emphasized that since the third quarter of this year, Bright Food International has undertaken the mission of building high-protein industrial engine of Bright Food Group, adhered to the high-quality development orientation, and worked together to steadily push forward the implementation of various key tasks. The overall financial operation of the Company is steady, and overseas enterprises continue to enjoy a good momentum of development, and their contribution to development is constantly improving. Dingniu Feed, Bright Food International, and other enterprises have grown rapidly, becoming new profit growth points; The basic construction of high-protein industrial chain and ecological circle has been steadily advanced, and major exploratory projects such as cold chain of high-protein industry, science and technology innovation of food and agriculture, and digital information construction have entered the substantive construction stage, which laid a good foundation for Bright Food International's "14th Five-Year Plan" and demonstrated its good mental outlook of undertaking the mission, defying challenges and striving for success.


As for the key follow-up work, Wu Tonghong said: First, make every effort to achieve all the budget targets to ensure that all the indicators are successfully met before the end of the year. Second, fully cooperate with the Group to carry out inspection and audit. Third, scientifically formulate the financial budget for 2022, and think ahead of next year's work. Fourth, promote the construction of information system and accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises according to the progress node. Fifth, implement major projects in an orderly manner, and ensure the completion of key tasks. Sixth, persistently complete comprehensive safety work such as food safety, production safety, network security, traffic safety, epidemic prevention and control, and stable visits. (Xu Xiongfei)



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