Cooperation Ceremony for Shanghai Products Assisting Hold Baoshan Artists was Successfully Held
New Chinese Style of National Quintessence

Publisher:FANG XIA     views:

On September 8th, the “New Chinese Style of National Quintessence - Cooperation Ceremony for Shanghai Products Assisting Hold Baoshan Artists” was held at Yihong Theater in Baoshan District, Shanghai. Maling and Guan Sheng Yuan under Bright International have in-depth cooperation with cultural artists Ms. Shi Yihong and Ms. Wang Peiyu, respectively, to help carry forward and inherit the national spirit and traditional culture.


At the cooperation ceremony, Fang Shizhong, director of the Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, Shi Mingfang, party secretary and chairman of Bright Food Group, and other leaders, together with Peking opera masters, unveiled the Shanghai Maling Yihong Theater and Guan Sheng Yuan Yuyin Pavilion. Bright Food shoulders the responsibilities of domestic products, and the two classic domestic products brands will cooperate with two artists of national quintessence in many aspects to condense a new spiritual context from the long-standing, extensive and profound Chinese traditional culture, inherit the national quintessence, and lead a new Chinese style. 



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