Bright International Held the Work Conference for the First Half of 2021
In the First Half of This Year, Tasks Reached Half the Annual Targets

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On the afternoon of July 29, Bright International held a work conference for the first half of 2021. The conference comprehensively and deeply analyzed the economic operation in the first half of the year, studied and judged the internal and external environment and the implementation of the strategy, and made arrangements for the work of the year on the basis of reviewing and summarizing the work in the first half of the year. The conference was presided over by Wu Tonghong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Bright International.


At the conference, it was pointed out that in the first half of 2021, Bright International overcame the grim and complicated situations at home and abroad, held steady and stood the test, pursued high-quality development by adjusting the structure, stabilizing growth, went through the pains during structural adjustment, went all out to promote the start of the 14th Five-Year Plan strategy; maintained healthy growth in various economic indicators, reached half of the annual targets for tasks in the first half of this year, and carried out various key tasks calmly and achieved results in accordance with the set goals. In the process of deepening corporate reforms and strategic changes, the orientation of "high-quality development" has penetrated into the thinking of all levels of operators of Bright International, becoming the ideological consensus of Bright International's scientific development; the group seeks truth from facts, faces the development issues, unswervingly promotes the reform of the business model by innovating development, makes the foundation of development more solid, more stable, and faster, which has become the top priority for the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan.


It was emphasized in the conference that the first is to continuously improve the management level of Bright International, completely get rid of the traditional extensive management, and upgrade to fine, comprehensive, and scientific management, especially keep strengthening and improving in terms of risk prevention and control, and standard governance; the second is to improve the efficiency and pace of strategic implementation, accelerate the construction and fission of the business model and industrial chain of the high protein sector, and quickly establish various conditions for the symbiosis and development of the high-protein ecosystem; the third is to keep planning ahead, continue to innovate, and actively explore the forefront of food science and technology innovation, and rely on technical innovation, concept innovation and brand innovation to "make something out of nothing" and bring forth the new through the old in seeking truth from facts, so that the Bright brand will remain vigorous.


The requirements of the conference: Firstly, adhere to the comprehensive guidance of high-quality economic development with high-quality party building in an all-round way, go deep among the masses, understand the needs of the grassroots, stick to the people-oriented spirit, practice the spirit of Bright, have the energy to keep learning and surpassing, and "do practical things for the masses" to create an atmosphere for the reform and development of the enterprise; secondly, stick to various economic goals, unswervingly complete the key tasks delivered by the group; thirdly, actively improve management, and boldly open a new game at one fling while summing up experience; fourthly, normalize compliance operation and management, and completely eradicate financing trades and violations of the eight-point austerity rules; fifthly, stick to the concept of "big safety", strictly implement food safety, production safety, information safety, traffic safety, and stability of petition letters and visits, and unswervingly create a stable and safe development environment.


At the conference, corporate departments such as Maling, Bright International Trade, and Headquarters Operations Management Department exchanged and shared their work.

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