Original Intention as Torch, Mission as Rock - The Theme Exhibition of Yimin Exhibition Hall Opened Officially

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Bearing in mind the century-old struggle, and setting sail on a bright new journey. On June 28, the centennial theme exhibition of Shanghai Yimin No.1 Food Factory was officially opened. Shi Mingfang, party secretary and chairman of Bright Food (Group), and other group leaders, leaders of various departments of the group, party and government leaders of Bright International and main party and government leaders of all subsidiaries attended the opening ceremony. 


At the opening ceremony, Shi Mingfang pointed out that the theme exhibition is an important exhibition for the party committee of the group to deeply implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and take practical actions to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and it is also the response to the request of the municipal party committee, all-directional, multi-level launch Shanghai red culture brand, the formation of red culture resources highland, communication and education and other achievements of positive practice.


Shi Mingfang stressed that Yimin Exhibition Hall is an important platform to study the history of the party and promote the communication and study of arty members. It is necessary to highlight the bright background color of the red culture, transform the practical effect of party history study and education into vivid practice of vigorously promoting the construction of bright, form bright red competitiveness, and build bright strength. Yimin Exhibition Hall is an education base for cultivating love for the party, patriotism and spreading the bright spirit. We should strive to guide our cadres and the general public, so that the revolutionary torch will be passed on from generation to generation. Yimin Exhibition Hall is a real classroom to understand the bright history and cultivate bright talents. In addition, we should always maintain unlimited loyalty, unlimited pursuit and unlimited struggle for the reform and development of Bright, and make Bright become the red gene bearer of the spirit of innovation, the spirit of cultivation and the spirit of flower cultivation in the activities of "catching up with and surpassing".


At the opening ceremony, Wu Tonghong, party secretary and chairman of the company, pointed out that under the guidance of the party committee of Bright Food (Group), the party committee of Bright International will strive to promote the study and education of party history with high standards and high quality. As the municipal patriotism education base, Shanghai Yimin No.1 Food Factory is an important carrier to carry forward and cultivate the national spirit and carry out the revolutionary tradition education. The centenary theme exhibition held on the second floor of the exhibition hall aims to create a learning and education platform for party history, constantly guide party members, officials and the masses, especially young people, to cultivate their love for the party and patriotism, strive to make visitors not only get the learning and perception of "exciting for a while", "moving for a while" and "leading for a lifetime", and draw strength from the 100 years of struggle


The theme exhibition consisted of original intention, journey, elite mode, road, Shanghai, renaissance, signal fire and other chapters. By presenting 100 years of history, 100 heroes and role models, and 100 red stories about Shanghai and the like, the exhibition covers major historical events and important figures in different historical periods of the party, and shows the great course of CPC members staying true to their original intention in multiple dimensions, keeping their mission firmly in mind, and seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. (Guo Kai)







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