Bright International Held a Sharing and Product Appreciation Salon of Plant-based Protein Pndustry
Focusing on the Cutting-edge Technology in the Field of High Protein, Discussing the Development Prospect of Plant-based Protein

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At present, a sharing and product appreciation salon of plant-based protein industry, "Hello, New Food Generation!" sponsored by the Bright International Science and Technology Innovation Management Center in was held in the exhibition hall of Integrated Distribution Platform of Bright Global Food. At this salon, a number of leading enterprises in the field of plant-base protein, research institutions in the field of food science, experts from the School of Food and Health, and leaders of well-known investment institutions were invited to discuss the future trend of plant-based protein. Wang Guoxiang, deputy party secretary and president of Bright International, Wang Lili, vice president, Wu Jian, vice president, and leaders of high-protein related enterprises attended the event.


The year 2020 is the first year of plant-based protein. In China, the plant-based industry is also booming. This salon is a full "collision conference" focusing on the development of plant-based protein industry, insight into consumer trends, discussion of solutions, and expansion of business opportunities. At the salon, Yu Qingyuan, COO of 35 Dou, Cheng Yuhui, general manager of sales of Green Monday, Yang Jing, manager of meat products and condiments group of IFF China Research and Development Center, Li Jian, vice dean of School of Food and Health of Beijing Technology and Business University, Pan Mingdong, general manager of V2FOOD, an innovative food company in China, and other guests exchanged views on the development of plant-based protein food. In addition to reducing the environmental impact of plant-based protein foods, the trend toward a healthier, more diverse diet has been spreading among young people in recent years, and in the near future, alternative protein will find its way into the dining table of millions of families.


This salon is also a "plant-based gourmet feast". During the tea break, guests tasted a variety of Chinese and western plant-based ingredients, plant-based protein drinks and desserts. "Low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol" has conquered everyone's taste buds, and major plant-based brand enterprises and Bright International and its subordinate units have carries out full communication.


Bright International will focus on the development of high protein and high quality, explore the integration of food and science and technology, establish cooperation with cutting-edge enterprises and institutions in the field of plant-based protein, understand the technology in the field of plant-based and even cell-based meat, and actively promote the implementation of related products. In the future, Bright International will continue to develop in the field of high protein, implement multi-dimensional focus on cutting-edge food science and technology, and bring more safe, high-quality and healthy food to consumers. (Zhu Yi and Guo Kai)

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