Bright International Held the Economic Performance Analysis Meeting for the First Quarter of 2021
Strengthen Confidence and Work Hard for Implementation, and Strive to Surpass Others in Learning

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On the afternoon of April 28, Bright International held the economic performance analysis meeting for the first quarter of 2021, communicated and learned the spirit of the first quarter economic performance analysis meeting of Bright Food Group and the speech spirit of Shi Mingfang, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group, in the mobilization and deployment meeting of the theme action of "catching up with and surpassing", analyzed the company's economic performance and key work in the first quarter, conducted in-depth analysis of the current situation, tasks and environment, and deployed the next phase of work.


At the meeting, Wu Tonghong, the secretary of the party committee and the chairman of the board, summed up the characteristics of the economic performance since the first quarter of the company. He pointed out that this year is the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and it is the key opening year of promoting the high-protein strategy of Bright International and comprehensively building the industrial driving engine of the group. Since the beginning of the year, the company has overcome the impact of the global epidemic, conscientiously implemented the planning requirements, promoted the reform tasks orderly, achieved a balanced development of domestic and foreign enterprises, and realized good overall situation. In addition, the company has achieved good results in terms of revenue and profit, Guanshengyuan, Maling Cans, International Trade, Wan'an and other enterprises have achieved outstanding performance, which lays the foundation for a good start of the "14th Five-Year Plan".


Moreover, Wu Tonghong pointed out that the group must be clearly aware of the enterprise management task, which is a long way to go, while making the achievements, and we should not only see the achievements, but also face the deficiencies, discover the gap, take the initiative to catch up and achieve transcendence. He required that Bright International must keep in mind the entrust of Bright Food Group, firmly grasp the internal requirements of "high-quality" development, concentrate on the implementation, and work hard. Firstly, all the cadres and staff should actively respond to the spirit of "catching up with others and surpassing others" of the mobilization meeting, actively cultivate and build up the momentum and confidence of "starting again and surpassing from the beginning", all the staff should firmly believe in development, set up big goals, benchmark excellent and advanced one, and create a good development atmosphere catching up with each other and surpassing each other together. Secondly, Bright International should go all out to promote the integrated development of the main industry, and take the building of a high-protein "industrial chain" and the building of an "ecosystem" of integrated industries as the top priorities for promoting the implementation of the strategy, so as to promote the coordinated development of the high-protein industry of Bright International further. Thirdly, Bright International should unswervingly improve enterprise risk management and control and standardized governance, and comprehensively improve the company's risk prevention ability and corporate governance level.


President Wang Guoxiang reviewed the promotion condition of key work in the first quarter of Bright International. His requirements are as follows: Firstly, dialectically treat the change law of enterprise operation, objectively analyze the specific reasons, and make correct decisions and judgments; secondly, it is necessary to strengthen the confidence and determination of enterprise management, make full use of existing resources and advantages, and strive to solve problems and overcome difficulties in the changing environment; third, it is necessary to formulate operational measures scientifically in the changing environment and make timely adjustments in light of changes in the situation to ensure the full completion of the set goals. He requested that all the employees of Bright International should keep up their efforts in the next stage, fully implement a series of major activities such as Flower Expo and Import Expo, orderly promote the development of high-protein main industry, the construction of science and technology innovation center and other key tasks of enterprises, and strive for the full implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and meet the centenary of the founding of the party.


Zhao Jianfu, chief financial officer, delivered the financial analysis report for the first quarter of 2021.(Xu Xiongfei)

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