The Overseas Risk Control Project of Bright International was Officially Launched
Energization of Digital Transformation, and Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Overseas Risks

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Recently, Bright International held the kick-off meeting of "information construction project of overseas risk management system". Li Lin, vice president of Bright Food Group, Wu Tonghong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Bright International, Wang Guoxiang, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of Bright International, He Bijun, vice president of SAP China, Huang Jia, principal partner of PWC (Price Water House Coopers) Shanghai and other project team members attended the meeting.


Li Lin pointed out that digital transformation is an important part of the response to the national development strategy, the development strategy of Shanghai Municipality and the strategy of Bright Food Group, and it is an important starting point for the transformation and development of Bright Food Group in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. Bright International should strengthen risk management further, enhance the ability of compliance operation, focus on the digitalization and intelligent upgrading and transformation of enterprises, strengthen top-level design and overall planning, and give full play to the driving and leading role of informatization. In the context of the realization of digital operations of major multinational companies, we should see and narrow the gap, recognize the changing situation and ensure the operation of enterprises by enabling them with science and technology. At present, the revenue and profit of overseas enterprises of the group have a great impact on the group, and all parties should work together to strive for development and realize the grand vision of building Bright Food Group into a global food group as soon as possible.


Wu Tonghong emphasized that the group has put forward the overall strategic goal of "enhancing the management and control level of overseas subsidiaries of Bright International to the height of strategic management and control, establishing the overseas risk management system comprehensively, and ensuring the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets". As the second overseas headquarters of the group, Bright International will undertake the implementation of overseas risk management and control, and build a digital risk management and control information system that meets the management requirements of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) and the group's overseas risk management needs. This project has gone through long-term demonstration and preparation work, and organized personnel and strength to cooperate with the project intensively. We hope that all parties have the same goal, efficient communication and high-quality implementation of the project. At the same time, in the process of project implementation, we should be forward-looking and focus on the digital transformation of Bright International, and consider the subsequent platform construction, future development trends, cloud computing and other new technology applications. In addition, we should achieve full coverage of risks, dynamically adjust the different risk levels faced by the company at different stages of development, so as to realize automatic risk present and advance warning, and highlight the key points.


At the meeting, Wang Guoxiang affirmed the positive preparatory work, good cooperation degree and responsible attitude of all parties in the early stage of the project, and put forward specific requirements and ardent expectations for the implementation of the project.


The relevant responsible persons of PWC and SAP introduced the necessity of digital transformation under the current environment, the development opportunities in the consumer industry under the new pattern of domestic and international double cycle, as well as the industrial experience of each company in digital transformation and overseas risk prevention and control.

(Written by Hu Chenao, Qu Danqing, drew by Hu Yue)

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