Bright International is Preparing for the 10th China Flower Expo

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Flowers, mountains and rivers are romantic, Bright Group's warmth exists everywhere. At present, the preparations for the 10th China Flower Expo have entered the countdown stage. Among them, Bright International undertook the planning, design, decoration, exhibition and operation of two exhibition gardens, i.e. "Flower and Culture" and "Flower and Life" located in front of Fuxing Square. For the party committee of Bright International, to serve the Expo is the major task at present, the company should go all out to ensure the successful completion of various tasks and objectives and contribute to the Expo.  


In the "Flower and Culture" hall, visitors can fully feel the active exploration and practice of Bright in the field of food and agricultural science and technology innovation. The science and technology innovation team of the company demonstrated project ideas and objects by combining the extraction technology of ancient herb royal dew and food/flower preservation technology, and integrating traditional culture and scientific and technological innovation elements.


The exhibition hall will display the world's leading modern food physical preservation technology. This technology creatively develops cell-like intelligent double-permeability preservation materials, which can make vegetables and fruits self-adjust according to the environment at a specific temperature and enter a dormant state to retain the vitality and fresh state of fruits and vegetables to a great extent.  


The extraction technology of ancient herb royal dew retains the natural full spectrum essence of herbaceous herbs completely and removes heavy metals from agricultural residues effectively; specifically, the small molecular group structure presented improves the bioavailability greatly, solves the key points encountered in the current Chinese medicine formulations, such as lack of rich odor, extraction of dry product, degreasing and decolorization, pesticide and heavy metal residues and so on.  


 Maling Co., a subsidiary of Bright International, actively participates in the construction of the Flower Expo. Maling helps the Flower Expo together with three old brand enterprises such as White Rabbit, Maling and Aquarius. White Rabbit, a "National Creamy Candy", has moved its themed pop-up shop to the "Flowers and Life" exhibition hall, in which the cold drinks shop, the pop-up store of comprehensive products and the milk tea shop of White Rabbit will be displayed one by one. At that time, you can taste the peanut nougat sugar milk tea, the ice cream, the "Huakai Miyin" and other series of products of White Rabbit, and buy the special gift with fashion design sense of White Rabbit.  


Shanghai Maling Canned Music Factory has prepared a theme exhibition of music elements that can replenish spiritual energy in the Fuxing Pavilion. We prepare canned food to satisfy your taste buds, and you can feel the tinplate and music collision, which can bring you a different visual and auditory experience.  


In line with the design concept of the label of "calm, long-term consideration, boundless own flowers" designated water for the Flower Expo, Zhengguang and become the official designated water of this expo, and it will sponsor 850,000 bottles of drinking water for this Flower Expo. Furthermore, Lianhao Food entered the gourmet street, so you also can enjoy a gourmet combination of freshly seared steak and pasta on site.(Gu Xuqian, Fang Xia, Liu Fei)










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