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Counterparts of the Bright and cooperative partners from all walks of life, greetings to you all! As the year 2021 is welcomed, on behalf of the company, I would like to extend my best wishes for the New Year to all of you, look back at 2020 and look forward to 2021 together with all of you.


The 2020, the year of Gengzi (1900) in the Chinese lunar calendar, has witnessed the unprecedented world changes for a century that was caused by the globally sweeping pandemic. This year has seen the forced standstill of lives of the masses and the stagnation of the world's progress. Since everything came off guard, we have witnessed history, suffered pain, withstood challenges and grew up from plight. This year is extremely extraordinary so that it is destined to leave a deep impression on everyone.


In the face of the darkest moment, there is the Bright. With the tenacity, courage, resolution and responsibility of the Bright people, we have determinedly undertaken our mission and contributed our strength to the society.


This is an important test to reflect courage.



At the time of the extremely severe pandemic in China, we put ourselves forward to resume production and work and ensure supply. Before the end of Spring Festival, Maling Cannery has raced against time to seize the sources of goods, prepared the inventory and ensured adequate supply of products, smooth channels and stable markets. Boxes of luncheon meat have become the crucial food reserve for consumers during the pandemic; NG Fung Commercial Pig Base cancelled the Spring Festival holiday, and all staff stuck to their posts to continuously supply high-quality meat to the market; the Light Industry Real Estate Co., Ltd. persistently served for a whole year to protect the safety of the owners without attracting public attention; Jiangsu Sushi mobilized hundreds of outstanding employees to Shandong to go deep into the source of supply to carry out the business of slaughter, flexibly adapt changes, relieve the pressure of supply of goods, and spare no pains to satisfy the requirements of the market.


We turned to support overseas enterprises in pandemic prevention production after the pandemic swept across the world. The production and supply of Italian Salov Company were continuously and orderly conducted; the production line of the factory was operated at full capacity in shifts; the Tuscany olive oil has entered into the global market; all key indicators of Salov have exceeded the record high since the establishment of company 100 years ago. In peaceful and quiet years, we are just ordinary people, while in the headwind of the rampant pandemic, we have become heroes guarding the food supply and safe lives.


This is an important test to reflect wisdom.


At the depressed and dismal time of global financial market, we took the lead in breaking the pandemic and successfully issued the first euro bond distributed by Chinese non-financial institutions in 2020 through telephone roadshows. The ice-breaking transaction opened up the international capital market for Chinese enterprises during the pandemic and conveyed the confidence of the Bright on the world investment stage.


This is an important test to reflect innovation.


We have made substantial progress in the construction of food science and technology, with Hong Kong International Food Science and Technology Innovation and Development Co., Ltd. set up in Hong Kong, the main structure of the outpost Dongtanyuan scientific and technological innovation exhibition project capped, the blueprint for the Bright Food Research Super Innovation Platform Base taking shape, the first seed of Israeli strawberry varieties sown in China and edible coating technology bringing broad business opportunities...... The Bright Wisdom is well-prepared in a new round of industrial transformation and scientific and technological revolution.


This is an important test to reflect responsibility.


Based on the general requirement of “becoming better and better", we have orderly and successfully completed all the participating tasks of this China International Import Expo. Cooperative partners from Britain, Canada, Australia, Russia, Argentina and other countries and regions have come here, attracted by our fame, with high-quality products such as meat, dairy products, olive oil and brand food displayed; as the Food and Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Project was unveiled in China International Import Expo, the technology trade became the highlight of this exposition, which not only introduced global high-quality food materials to the Chinese market, but also injected Chinese confidence into the global market.


This is an important test to reflect transformation.


The deepening integration of the Bright Food International Limited and Maling shares has become a new milestone in the development history of our enterprise. The Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd has given us the new mission of building an influential high-protein meat industry chain and pushing the development of the Bright industry. We will not live up to our mission and seize every minute to take a series of measures: speeding up the control of resources and expansion of channels, building a solid base slab for high-protein industries, laying out deeply for global food integrated distribution, and striving to build an industrial ecosystem with high-quality development so as to lay a solid foundation for the adjustment and transformation of industrial structure.


Our will has been honed by the distress and hardship in 2020 and the experience of great tests has made us more mature, confident and tenacious. The 2021 will bring us new hopes and dreams.


Upon the 2021, we shall get clearer about the mission entrusted to us by the Group, pay more attention to the high-quality development of high-protein main businesses, and plan our blueprint for development with higher requirements.


We must firmly set the direction of our progress in the "Three Under": under the new circumstance of "Two Overall Situations" and "Two Cycles", planning for future development with "creating new advantages, developing new momentum and expanding new space" centered on; under the overall development of Bright Food (Group) Co., Ltd, focusing on its main business in accordance with the Group's strategic plan and contributing to the Group's high protein industry development, overseas management and scientific and technological innovation with orientation of a large pattern; under the development strategy of Bright Food International Limited, building an influential high-protein meat industry chain and ecosystem and converting important missions into impetus for the purpose of realizing the transformation from scale development to high-quality development.


We should keep our original aspiration facing the "Three Changes"--- profoundly realizing the change from an international functional platform company to a competitive industrial company; the change from the domestic and overseas investment and financing business to the main business of high protein meat; the change from the scale development of asset integration to the development of high-quality integration.


We should march forward bravely with the principle of “Three Persistence"--- adhering to the core strategy of the Bright and focusing on high protein constantly; sticking to the international development and giving full play of the functions of overseas headquarters constantly; persevering in the functional service and ensuring the double cycle value link constantly.


We should be guided by the values of the Bright, firmly be devoted to the Bright, be diligent, pragmatic and responsible, studious and upright, and unswervingly push forward the ten unswerving principles: unswervingly expanding high protein core industry; unswervingly strengthening the function of overseas control; unswervingly exerting the function of investment and financing services; unswervingly striving for innovation and development; unswervingly advancing brand building; unswervingly invigorating the terminal; unswervingly perfecting the support system; unswervingly enhancing the integration of control; unswervingly intensifying risk prevention and control unswervingly conveying love and respect, advocating struggle, putting employees first, and creating development atmosphere.



The long and bitter winter will eventually pass.


Facing the future, we firmly believe that


Relying on our will, wisdom, courage, innovation and commitment,


We will be fearless of the hardship and move forward tenaciously!


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