Bright Food Group Held a Video Conference on Caring for Overseas Enterprises to Fight the Epidemic
Lands apart, a destiny shared

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On the afternoon of March 23, Bright Food Group held a video conference on caring for overseas enterprises to fight the epidemic. Shi Mingfang, the Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board of directors of the group, expressed sympathy to overseas employees and deployed anti-epidemic measures for overseas companies. Liu Ping, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of the group, presided over the conference. The main leaders of Bright International, Sugar & Liquor Group and other groups attended the conference. Representatives of overseas enterprises affiliated to the Group exchanged information on the prevention and control of the epidemic simultaneously via video at the local sub-venue.


Shi Mingfang fully affirmed the efforts made by overseas enterprises during the epidemic, and said that he was always concerned about the development of the epidemic and deeply concerned about the life safety and health of overseas employees. He expressed sincere sympathy to the overseas employees.


Shi Mingfang pointed out that it is the responsibility and mission of every employee to overcome difficulties. The Bright Food Group is a big family as well as a strong supporter for overseas enterprises. Bright's culture and business principle are "Love and respect, advocating struggle, employees first". At present, protecting employees is the only choice for Bright. Therefore, he hoped that overseas employees will take good care of themselves and their colleagues.


Bright is working hard to dispatch domestic anti-epidemic materials and formulate follow-up countermeasures to provide overseas employees with a necessary guarantee for their life and production as much as possible. We hoped that overseas employees will implement the epidemic prevention and control measures issued by the local government and professional health institutions, standing the test, taking charge of the overall situation of overseas undertakings with responsibility, and overcoming adversity and defeating the virus with confidence and courage.


Liu Ping cheered for all employees of overseas enterprises. He pointed out that the overseas epidemic has always touched the hearts of all Bright people. The Group is always concerned about the health and safety of every overseas employee. He hoped that everyone would work together to defeat epidemic.


Overseas enterprises from Italy, France, Spain, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong attended the conference. At the meeting, Spain's GM Food, Israel's Tnuva and New Zealand's Synlait Company introduced the epidemic prevention and control work, and other overseas enterprises made exchanges and speeches. The representatives said that they would do their best to cooperate with the local government to carry out effective epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of employees. At the same time, they felt warm for the support, care and love of the Group, which also strengthened their confidence in overcoming the epidemic.





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