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Dear friends:


Happy New Year!


Time flies, and we will soon welcome 2020. On behalf of Bright International, I would like to extend my New Year greetings to all my colleagues at home and abroad!


At the beginning of the year, we shouldered our mission, embarked on a journey of reform and development, and ushered in a milestone of bright international. As the year goes by, we sail ahead in the global market-the vision at the beginning of the year has become the scenery what we can see now, and we have traveled parting the waves, leaving a trail and sowing the seeds of hope.


Looking back at the extraordinary year of 2019, we have turned over the prelude and played a new movement of Bright International substantial reform——


During the past year, we have promoted the integration domestic and overseas assets, accelerated business integration. As one of Shanghai State-owned enterprises, Bright International is the first overseas one to obtain “Certificate of Chinese Fiscal Resident”, Bright International set a precedent for the reform of state-owned enterprise in Shanghai;


During the past year, we have overcame numerous difficulties, and with courage and conviction, unswervingly pushed forward the establishment of overseas headquarters of Bright Food Group. Overseas enterprises have been further integrated into the big family of Bright Food Group, the quality of multinational operation has been improved year by year, financial indicators have hit new highs, and synergies have begun to show results;


During the past year, in the face of the “unprecedented changes”, we have successfully coped with the fluctuating economic situation and proceeded without any fear. We have built five core business sectors, continued business innovation, maintained stable and sound operation, and over fulfilled all business targets at the end of the year;


During the past year, we have carried forward the mission, focused on the high-protein strategy, and spared no efforts to lay out a global food integrated distribution platform. By virtue of the power of Bring Food Group, we have created “The Smart Chain” brand, which appeared in the 2nd China International Import Expo and received praises from the world;


During the past year, the Hong Kong Finance Center has maximized its advantages and played the role of overseas financing center. We have appeared in the international market with a good independent rating, successfully issued a five-year 500 million euro bond, and completed a significant coming-of-age ceremony on the international capital stage;


During the past year, we have advanced the project of the science and technology innovation center. The opening of Shanghai China Israel Innovation Promotion Center unveiled a new overture for global science and technology innovation of Bright Food Group. The three major innovation centers in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Israel, under the light of wisdom, coruscate the charm of agro-food technology; 


During the past year, the Bright Food International Industry Fund has been formally established. QDLP fund have launched overseas operations, asset securitization, market value management, fund operation, integration of industry and finance and other innovation business, injecting infinite kinetic energy into Bright International;


During the past year, we have strengthened corporate governance, improved corporate control, and explored new channels for regional state-owned enterprise reform on the basis of separation of ownership and management. The party building, system, technology, and culture complement each other to firmly establish an offshore risk firewall.


We stand on the threshold of time and will soon enter the 2020s. We will keep our mission in mind, sailing against the wind towards the broad blue see:


In 2020, we will adjust our business philosophy, adhere to scientific development, and realize a deep transformation from scale-oriented to high-quality development, further consolidating the foundation and improving risk management capabilities;


In 2020, we will continue our mission, maintain our determination, adhere to the international strategy, the construction of overseas headquarters, the development of our business in Hong Kong, the international layout, keep to optimizing asset quality, and enhancing business value; 


In 2020, we will give full consideration before making any decisions. Based on international market, we will broaden our international perspective, introduce high-quality international resources, to serve key projects. We will make great achievements in “Global Food Integrated Distribution Platform”, “Well-off Farm”, “Children and Teenager Nutrition Plan”, “Bright City Kitchen” and “Yangtze River Delta” cold chain system and other major projects;


In 2020, we will, as always, spread the temperature of Bright International with the concept of “love and respect” to all employees around the world, so as to enhance our cultural soft power, unite and inspire people to forge ahead.


With the upcoming of 2020, we are full of confidence and anticipation to embrace the arrival of the new year, and we are ready for opening up a new navigation area that belongs to us!   


Bless the Bright International ! Bless 2020!

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