Investment platform

Merge & Acquisition Focusing on the core business of Bright Food (Group), we implement strategic investment and acquisition of high-quality enterprises at home and abroad through direct investment, food industry investment fund investment,etc., so as to promote the integration and development of industrial financing, science and technology and trading.
Asset-backed Securitization By building and developing domestic and foreign listing platform, we facilitate the securitization of high quality assets of the Group, so as to fully stimulate the vitality of the enterprise, explore the value of assets, and promote the upgrading of industrial structure and innovation of business model of the group.
Revitalize Stock Assets Our asset management philosophy is resource sharing, value management and "Internet +".The positioning of our asset management is to expand overseas market based on resources in Shanghai and Hong Kong. We will strive to revitalize and improve value of stock assets through relying on our own resources and innovating business model.
Real Estate Development + Diversified Operation Based on the development model of "real estate development + diversified operation" of domestic and foreign real estate, we are engaged in development and renovation of cultural real estate, science and technology innovation real estate, smart office, maker space, urban health care, boutique hotel, rental housing, etc.